Spielberg and Day-Lewis Reunite For Biopic of Crack-Smoking Mayor



Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis, eager to recapture their success from last year’s Lincoln, have announced a new biopic about Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor, Rob Ford.

“It was actually Daniel’s idea,” says Spielberg.  “He came to me and said, ‘I want to play this man, but I can only do it if you direct me.’  And naturally, I jumped at the opportunity.” 

The outspoken, hefty mayor of Toronto would be a departure for the usually trim Day-Lewis, a challenge he is incredibly excited for, given his method of acting where he spends months getting into character, and then never breaks it once on the set.

“I always figure out my character from the inside out,” Day-Lewis said, “I’m excited to sit on my ass for months and eat Doritos and Ho-Hos while I figure out what makes this guy tick.  I’ve never had to do that before as an actor.” 

When asked if he would try crack cocaine as part of his preparation, Day-Lewis said, “Absolutely!  Anything to understand this man.  Besides, I’ve used drugs as a part of my process.” 

He laughed, as he confessed, “I would occasionally snort cocaine for There Will Be Blood, since I figured that Daniel Plainview [the oil baron Day-Lewis won an Oscar for playing] probably had the money to do so.  Don’t tell P.T. Anderson, but when I said ‘I drink your milkshake!,’ I was tripping balls.” 

When I mentioned that he’d have to drink several milkshakes to play Ford, Day-Lewis went back into character from Blood and growled, “DRAINAGE!” making this young man who spent half of senior year of high school talking like him in that movie, very, very pleased. 

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