Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has seen the new film 12 Years a Slave, and says, simply, “during this film, I was reminded of how much easier blacks had it back then.”

“They didn’t have to worry about taxes, or unemployment, since they always had a job.  And they didn’t have to worry about a slow-loading website for healthcare, since there was no internet at that time.

“And the way they shot the plantations were so beautiful, I mean, who wouldn’t want to live there?  Who wouldn’t want to live in crowded huts with ten other people at a time?  They probably partied so hard back then.

“I remember going to the premiere of Birth of a Nation and thinking, ‘Gee, it was really tough for blacks after they were freed and given voting rights.’  This movie proves just what a good, stabilizing thing slavery was for them.”

When asked about the much-praised work of star Chiwitel Ejiofor, Scalia said, “Chewie Eejy-weejy did pretty good, but I’m too old to learn how to pronounce his name properly.

“I didn’t learn how to pronounce Quie-Zhoo-Zhoo last year from Beasts of the Southern Wild, either.”

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