HOMELAND (Season 3)

Addressing the new subplot on Homeland of Agent Carrie Mathison’s pregnancy, revealed on last night’s episode, the show’s writing staff said, “We stand by our decision to jump the shark this season and we are proud of it.”

“Jumping the shark,” which refers to a late episode of Happy Days that revolved around Fonzie jumping over a shark on a waterski, is applied to TV series that are running out of ideas.

“We always meant for our show to be a one-season smash that slowly ran out of steam and evaporated into nonsense,” Homeland’s head writer said.  “Our intent was never to do what Breaking Bad did and be consistent all the way through.  We wanted to start strong and then go crazy with plots that make viewers go, ‘What were they thinking?'”

“It’s a tradition here at Showtime that we do this to our viewers,” said a representative at the network.  “Weeds and Dexter did it, and then we figured, all of our shows should jump the shark!  That way we can see how many viewers stick with the show afterwards.”

“It all goes back to Brecht,” he continued.  “He invented techniques to keep you from getting too involved in the story.  We are trying to apply his ideas to TV, and we think he’d be proud of the ways we’re alienating our fans.  That, and, who doesn’t love pregnancy subplots?  We can get the Brecht AND DeGrassi fans in here!”

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