In a statement to the press today, Mel Gibson emerged from his cave to express his support for Alec Baldwin, lately in trouble for using gay slurs against a paparazzi.

“I for one support Mr. Baldwin’s right to use hurtful language,” he said.  “I use it all the time and take it as a point of pride that I do.  Even if Mr. Baldwin and I disagree on other things, we can unite in our support of this.”

Mr. Gibson continued: “I was saying things against gay people long before Mr. Baldwin made it mainstream.  I even had a scene in Braveheart where the king pushes his gay son out a window.  I’m sure that Mr. Baldwin would have done that had he had the chance.”

Mr. Gibson concluded by inviting Mr. Baldwin to come hang with him in his cave.

“I just got DSL in there!” he said.  “We can have a few brews, make jokes about Hugh Jackman, and watch some porn together!  Celebrities who bash minority groups need to stick together.”

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