Miley Cyrus’s Tongue Named “Body Part of the Year” By Time Magazine


Time Magazine declared Miley Cyrus’s Tongue “Body Part of 2013” today, a new honor given to a famous person’s body part that had the most impact this year.

“We at Time felt that Miley’s tongue was prominent in a way nobody else’s body part was,” says Time’s editor.  “You couldn’t avoid it–it was everywhere.  Not since that Pokemon Lickitung has one person been so identified with their tongue.”

Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year,” a coveted honor since its inception in 1927, went to Pope Francis today, and Miley was on the short list.  Could this new award be compensation for the snub?

“Absolutely,” says the editor. “We felt it was more important to award Francis, since he’s brought so much hope to people.  That, and, in 2006, when we named ‘You’ as Person of the Year and had a mylar mirror on the cover where readers could see themselves, technically, that meant Miley was Person of the Year–if she bought the magazine, that is.”

Runners-up for “Body Part of the Year” included Miley’s lips, Miley’s thighs, and Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie cut, who went on a bender today when it found out it hadn’t been chosen for the distinction.  For the story I wrote on it last month, here’s the link:


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