Family Guy and Homeland Swap Deaths


Family Guy brought back deceased Brian Griffin, but only on the condition that Homeland finally kill off Sgt. Nicholas Brody, according to Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.

“I’m a huge Homeland fan,” Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane says, “and this season was the biggest burn since the band Coldplay was formed.  So I went to Showtime and told them that if they finally got rid of Brody, I’d bring back Brian.

“They’re huge Family Guy fans over there,” he said.

While the public has lauded both moves, others are not as sure.  One skeptic is BrodyShipper89, a teenage girl who specializes in Homeland Fan Fiction and reportedly was a consultant on the show to make sure that Brody and Carrie hooked up. 

“Sure, we’re all happy to have Brian Griffin back,” she said.  “But what does this mean for the rest of us, for whom Homeland has given us hours of erotic fan fiction?” 

Fortunately, BrodyShipper89 is starting a new book-length fanfic about a love affair between Carrie and Saul.  Supposedly, the show runners are interested in making it the crux of season four—even though that last sentence sounds like a Family Guy cutaway joke.




Showtime and its hit series Homeland, can’t bring themselves to break up with Damian Lewis, even though most people believe they should end the relationship already. 

“We just love him so much that we have to keep him on the show, no matter what,” said a representative at the network.  “Even if we have to send him flowers and chocolates every day, he has to know we care.” 

Many fans of Homeland have turned against it this season, in large part due to Showtime’s unwillingness to let Lewis go, since many fans feel his storyline is growing stale. 

“They should have learned the Game of Thrones lesson, and pulled a red wedding on him,” says Homeland superfan Bobby Herr.  “You can continue a series without a major character and it’ll go just fine.” 

Apart from Brody himself, fans are annoyed by the subplots involving his family members, particularly his daughter.  “That girl can’t stop playing with her hands!” says fan Charlotte Emerson.  “It’s so annoying!  I wouldn’t be surprised if the camera caught her digging for nose gold next week!” 

Showtime has had this problem before, not breaking up with Dexter after season four, and now they’re having it again.  Seems that breaking up really is hard to do.